A house move survival guide

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A house move survival guide

Finally, you are moving out of the home that has sheltered you for years. On the horizon a  fresh adventure at a new address awaits. However, between now and then, there’s an awful lot of planning, packing and organisation to take care of. Moving house can be an overwhelming experience if not tackled correctly. Know and accept right from the beginning that it will be an exhausting and testing time, not without a certain degree of stress and irritation. That said, there are no laws that state moving home has to be an absolute disaster of nightmarish proportions – the key to house move survival is all in the planning. Read on for tough talk and tips to help you survive the worst moving day can throw at you…

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Begin early

As soon as you have a firm date, start the preparation. Hoard useful items such as bubble wrap, newspaper, tape, boxes etc – they will all be handy in the big packing marathon that is in your future. Many home movers bite the bullet and buy specific boxes for moving which are more sturdy – they aren’t the cheapest, but they won’t collapse when carrying Great Aunt Gertrude’s heirloom bone china tea service.

Chuck clutter

Make life simpler by carrying out a major household de-clutter. What is the point in simply transporting junk you don’t need or use from one address to another? Be ruthless and honest about what stays, and what goes. Organise separate piles for charity shops, stuff to be sold on e bay, stuff to be recycled and stuff destined for the tip. When all members of the family take part in such an exercise, it is amazing how many possessions are jettisoned. This translates to less packing crates, which translates to lower removal costs. Makes sense, no?

Finding the one

Don’t rush into hiring the first removal service that returns your phone call. It is important to secure the services of a company that not only delivers on the basics such as moving your stuff from A to B, but that also provides extra back up and support in other areas. To survive moving day you will need all the help you can get – have you thought about how you disconnect the plumbed-in appliances? Arranged with the council for a parking bay to be reserved for the removal lorry? Is that enormous flat pack wardrobe going to fit through the front door or will it require disassembling? All these questions may come in to sharp  focus on moving day but when you have experienced professionals such as www.homelinkremovals.co.uk on hand, they can take care of it.

Get the removals company to visit you at home so they can assess accurately the amount of stuff to move. Remember to show them the contents of the garage, garden, attic, sheds etc. as these will all effect their calculations. Calling on reliable and long established firms such as Home Link Removals makes perfect sense if you want the transition to your new address to run smoothly.

Detail mania

There may be times when you feel your head will explode due to all the facts, figures, details and data it’s being asked to contain. If you don’t already have the habit, get into a serious list mentality to stop yourself going mad. Whether it’s lists of boxes and their contents, change of address notifications, utility readings, mail redirection services, council tax stuff, bank letters, schools and employer notifications – there’s a lot to keep on top of when you switch homes. Some people use spreadsheets, others use lists – it doesn’t matter which organisational method you choose, but it is important to have one.

Are you fit enough?

Lifting heavy boxes and furniture can cause injury, especially when you are not used to such physical exertion. On moving day, take regular breaks to rest your body. Check how heavy an item is before attempting to lift it. Remember to bend your knees when lifting boxes to avoid back injuries Clear away trip hazards from areas where you’ll be carrying boxes in and out. Don’t take on too much – you need to be physically capable of unpacking boxes at your new address, so leave the heavy work to the professional removal team.

Moving home is a test for the most resilient and organised among us, so don’t be surprised to feel drained and exhausted afterwards. The great news is, moving house can be nailed just as easily as many of life’s other challenges – with careful planning, preparation and lots of tea and biscuits. So, you ready to make your move?

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