Advice for Insurance Coverage While Moving

Milton Ferrara September 1, 2015 Comments Off on Advice for Insurance Coverage While Moving
Advice for Insurance Coverage While Moving

Moving from one location to another can be a very simple or very hectic task, depending on the distance you have to shift and also the belongings you have to carry with. If you are shifting from one locality to the next, and you have no huge loads to take with you, shifting can be simple.

On the other hand, if you are moving cross-state or cross-country and you are shifting from a house where you have been staying for the last 10 years, it is most expected that the shifting will not be that easy for you. This is when you need a professional mover and an insurance coverage.

  • Why you need insurance

Untoward incidents can happen any time even when there is no chance of happening; so being proactive is the best way to stay covered for any incident that can cause you financial loss while moving. For cross-state and cross-country moving, taking insurance is a must.

The truck carrying your load can certainly meet with an accident or can be vandalized on the way and in order to be ready for such situations insuring your every belonging being moved is essential. Reputed movers like provide compulsory insurance on your belongings while moving.


  • How much coverage you can expect

There are different types of insurances that provide coverage of different extent in case of any material loss during moving. There is weight wise insurance as well as particular object wise insurance, and you need to pick according to your specific requirements. You can insure your every belonging, starting from that paper clip to your expensive furniture according to your needs.

Usually expensive items, like piano and all are insured separately in order to get full coverage. As expected, the cost of the insurance increases depending on the extent of coverage. So, you should opt for an insurance that strikes the right balance between the two. Insuring your valuable belongings separately, can always be a good idea.

  • What is not covered?

However, no matter the insurance you take, your belongings are not usually covered in certain cases and in such cases you will not be refunded for the loss. Any of your objects that has not been packed by the mover, does not come under the insurance coverage.

So, if your objects within the box you have packed got damaged while moving, you will not be compensated for it even after having insurance. In addition to that these insurances do not cover for any natural disasters; so if your belongings are damaged due to hail, fire or storm it will not be covered.

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