Different Types of Home Warranties to Select From

Milton Ferrara December 18, 2016 Comments Off on Different Types of Home Warranties to Select From
Different Types of Home Warranties to Select From

Purchasing a home is considered as the largest purchase, which many of us ever make. Therefore, it makes sense to include a warranty to protect the biggest purchase. The home warranties are mostly available for both resale and new construction homes. New homes are generally available with a third party warranty or a builder’s warranty. These warranties offer peace of mind to all the buyers. So, whether it is a warranty to cover the computer, car, furniture or phone, having the confidence that your home is protected can put you at ease.

With the American Home Warranty, the homeowners will have access to a range of home warranty coverage to meet with their requirements. It means, the homeowners need home warranty agreement, which fits to their properties, so that they just pay for the proper level of coverage

These days, there are a number of home warranty companies available, which allow the property owners to choose the home service contract on the basis of the covered repairs. Learning the type of coverage, which will work for each situation, is the first step here.

Here are the main types of home warranties that one can select from:

  • Townhouse warranty: This kind of property mainly relies on the structural integrity of the adjoining buildings and this also has less exposed external surface. The coverage must focus on the internal components like major electrical systems, appliances and lighting.
  • Condo warranty: This type of home warranty plan mainly works with the existing support structure, which the homeowner has access to as the member of a condo association. Generally, external repair work is done by fees, which are collected with the rent. Here the home warranty coverage mainly focuses on the things like lighting, appliances and electrical systems.
  • Single family home warranty: The residences offer an added level of support to the families. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the well being of the home for the future. You can get the required peace of mind by protecting all the important systems and major appliances.
  • New construction warranty: Every new building has some set of dangers and challenges. Therefore, it can be really challenging to learn exactly what type of warranty to get. A total supreme home warranty coverage agreement is often considered as the best option as this can easily pay for various systems or appliances, which fail under the conditions of normal wear and tear.

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