Five reasons you must not buy a haunted property

Alfred Wood April 23, 2015 Comments Off on Five reasons you must not buy a haunted property
Five reasons you must not buy a haunted property

It does not matter if you believe in ghosts or not; but when it comes to most of the people in India, they do. There are a lot of stories out there that people share with each other at nights. Most of the stories talk about haunting experiences at some places. You may not experience what the others have, but even if one person has experienced something at a particular place, he or she spreads it to the others. Then, the story turns into a gossip, which, in turn, becomes cancerous!


Now think about it this way, even if you don’t believe in the existence of ghosts, would you be interested in a property that has a lot of gossips going on in the market? property for sale is quite simple. However, if there are haunting experiences faced by different people in the property that you have bought, most of the people in India would not be interested to buy it.

Following are the top seven reasons why you must not buy a haunted property:

  • When it comes to ghosts and ghost stories, people give a lot of attention to the same. What can be better than sitting with friends and talking about ghosts? If the land has some haunting stories, it is negatively popularized.
  • Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, there are a lot of paranormal activists and other such people that are into reading different supernatural signals. If there is something known as a ghost, it would never allow you to sell the property that you have in your hands (hyperbolically)!
  • Having a haunted property in hand is like a dead investment. The worst thing is – even you lose interest or are afraid to stay in such a property, if you have heard or felt something ‘strange’ there.
  • Even if you try finding tenants for the haunted property that you have purchased, you find it very difficult to get some people for it. In India, a lot of people believe in spirits (both good and bad); thus, it becomes hard for you to convince them to turn into your tenant, even if you offer them a lesser amount of rent.
  • Even the real estate agents don’t get involved in the matters of properties that are said to be ‘haunted.’ For them, it is like wasting time on properties that can never earn them any commissions.

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