How to Create a Sense of Living in a Bigger Home by Making Some Changes

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How to Create a Sense of Living in a Bigger Home by Making Some Changes

Everyone dreams about living in bigger houses, than the one he/she is already residing in. With the growing demand in the real estate investments, the price of the properties, land, assets and homes have been increasing continuously over the years.

Hence, instead of feeling sad for not able to lead your life in bungalows or villas, you can follow these below mentioned tips to enjoy the feel of living in the bigger homes.

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Get Rid of the Clutters

When you plan to widen the space in your living room or bedrooms, the first thing to look for is to remove the clutters from these areas. Clutters include the magazines and books that you have already read multiple times, newspapers from a week or month, chairs or tables that don’t belong in that space etc.

Minimize the number of furniture that you want in your living area. Lessen the wall pieces or show pieces that you love placing on every corner, safely wrap and store the artifacts in such places where they can be kept away from harm. By removing such items, you can automatically widen the available space, apart from the ones that are already conquered by the furniture.


If you like collecting paintings, then instead of hanging them on the walls of the same room, you can try hanging them on those walls that draw a distant spot to the viewing eye. The farther the paintings are, the deeper the meaning becomes to the viewing eye, which in turn enhances the width of the space.

Light Up

It is believed that the total amount of light rays that enter into an available space area is what decides the actual appearance of a room. The direct entry of the sunlight from the window glass or shields, without any interruption can automatically enhance the dimension of any room, to the viewing eyes.


Structural Changes

Making some changes in the interior décor, including the decorative windows, doors, etc, has the tendency to make the room appear look bit larger in dimension than before. You can even go with the idea of removing some of the furniture and fixture from any space area to widen the available space.

Dining Area and Kitchen

Instead of dividing the dining area and kitchen with a wall, try combining both in one single hall. By doing so, you will not only increase the available space, but can also make the place look. You can keep the dining table towards TV, which becomes the most favorite place of your family to sit and enjoy their meal.

Vertical Walls

The area that is formed from the meeting of vertical walls has the tendency to create a spacious view for the eyes. By using mild and light colored wall paints, you can enhance this sense.

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