How to find right location for your apartment

Lara Walters March 29, 2016 Comments Off on How to find right location for your apartment
How to find right location for your apartment

Yes this will always be a burning question for any kind of a buyer. And this question poke again and again till you buy the house. Why location is so important. It’s largely because the apartment is a immovable asset. Indeed this   large asset  cannot be liquidated. It is  neither cannot be portable. On top of that it is a life time investment, an investment where loan need to be paid from five to 15 years.


The need of the house influence the location. Everyone wants his or her house to be near prime area or  Somewhere accessible to major locations. But  that’s not going to happen in most of the cases. As prime areas are already got saturated it’s difficult to find the place. Even if there is a place 90% of population cannot be able to buy the apartment  because of the cost. Therefore go back and ask yourself why you need the house on the first place. If the idea is to get rent then try to find  location where you can get decent rent. If you are looking to stay then choose a location where you can at least access the major destinations within radius of five kilometers or seven miles.

If it’s for a future investment may be for your kids choose such a location which promises all facilities in next five or seven areas. If it’s for you kids give more importance on town planning and research online as well as offline about what new development plans government is having in next ten years. There are lot of apartments in thanisandra like above. Because the true value of your house depend on these factors. Another important factor that affects the location is the budget you are investing. The more budget you have chances are high to be in good proximity to the city. The less money you invest the chances are less to be in prime location. The property taxes you pay will be phenomenally high if you are choosing in centre of the city. Builders will also keep the apartment prices 40 percent more than the price value set by the government. Therefore you can imagine how much money you need to pay to get the apartment in prime location.

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