How To Prepare For An Appointment At The Retirement Community?

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How To Prepare For An Appointment At The Retirement Community?


So, you are done with finding the right retirement community in Fort Myers for you. Now it is the time for taking an appointment. What to expect when you will reach there and how to prepare yourself for the interview?

Arranging an appointment with the sales counselor of the Fort Myers retirement communities is a vital step to decide the place where you actually want to live. This will be a great method to learn about the community or vice versa. With this appointment, you will get to know whether the community is a right fit for you or not. There you will be asked about your budget, preferences and goals and you will also be free to ask whatever you prefer. Later, a health assessment will also be conducted.

But before you visit, writing down some questions and collecting the necessary details are necessary. Doing these things will help you to decide whether the community is right for you or not. To help you out in the process, this article can be a guide:

  • Collect a list of your finances: These details will help you to learn how much you can actually afford:
  1. Home equity and home value
  2. Outstanding mortgages, loans and obligations
  3. Monthly income obtained from all the sources
  4. Long term care insurance
  5. Investments that you have made
  • Set all the priorities that you have: In this point you have to decide the things that you want to have in the Fort Myers retirement communities. These may include:
  1. The community type you want to have like life plan community, rental, high rise or campus setting
  2. Services that you will need
  3. The size of residence that you prefer
  4. Housekeeping
  5. Access to various level of healthcare
  6. Activities
  7. Dining options
  8. Transportation
  • Prepare a lifestyle wish list: Next that you need to do is to prepare a list of things that you want to do while being in the retirement communities. These may include:
  1. Social activities like card games, book clubs, financial investment club, present event discussions etc.
  2. Fitness activities like joining classes of water aerobics, swimming, yoga, strength training, Tai Chi etc.
  3. Travel activities like international, local or national group trips and travel discussions.
  4. Art activities like jewelry, ceramics, painting, knitting, woodworking etc.
  5. Entertainment activities like movies, theater, opera, dance and music.

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