How to Select a Right Company for Your Estate Sale

Jessica Adams February 22, 2016 Comments Off on How to Select a Right Company for Your Estate Sale
How to Select a Right Company for Your Estate Sale

If you are looking for suitable estate Liquidator Company then you should not take your decision in a hurried manner. In this short article, we have attempted to provide few tips and good questions to be asked so that you can select the right company.

What should you consider?

Each company that you interview will find that their experiences are in many different areas. Some of them may be expert in antiques and some may be in other special items. Some have proficiency in marketing and therefore you must try to find out their area of expertise.

What should you research?

  • You must try to get feedback about their services from their past clients. You must try to obtain the list of their old clients.
  • From the Better Business Bureau Score profile you must try to find out what is their current score. These scores changes very frequently.
  • From the internet try to find about the company
  • After selecting a few companies, the next step is to visit them and check how they make their sale. You can also check how many people are working with them. You should however not reveal them about your purpose of visit. You can get the feel about their working.


What should you ask on phone?

  • You must ask them the reason for selecting their company over many other similar companies. Try to understand how they are different from others.
  • Also try to know how much time they will take to sell your property. Usually most of these companies are overbooked for many kinds of sale activity. Some companies can however make quick sale. You must try to find out whether they are able to sell your property within the time frame that you are looking for.

What should you ask when you meet them?

  • The first question you must ask about their service charges. You cannot ask this question on phone, as they need to inspect your property before telling you about the exact service charges.
  • Whether any of their staff will purchase your property. Some companies have policies in this regard and therefore you must know it in advance.
  • Find out whether they pre-sale or let the dealers to do the sale. In some cases it may go against your interest.
  • Whether they have their own store for consignment. Again this can be good or bad for you.

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