If You Hire A Moving Company, Only Hire The Best

Mary Sherlock November 29, 2015 Comments Off on If You Hire A Moving Company, Only Hire The Best
If You Hire A Moving Company, Only Hire The Best

Statistics show that most people will move seven times in their lifetime. Making that move to a new home or a new office location can be a stressful proposition if it isn’t planned out with some basic, common sense step. Moving can also be an overly expensive nightmare. Whether you use residential movers to transport your furniture and personal belongs or hire a moving company to relocate your business operations, the steps are the same.

First and foremost, look for the best movers you can find. Moving is not the time to fall for low-ball bids or deal with non-professional, fly-by-night outfits. To find the best, start by getting recommendations. Next, do an online-background review of the recommend movers. The Better Business Bureau, which covers Canada and the U.S., is also a good review source. Overall, moving in Canada is the fifth most complained about industry at the BBB.

Hopefully you’ll have narrowed your list of movers down to three. This is the time to call and make an appointment to conduct an in-house inspection and estimate. If you’re moving to another province, ask for a not-to-exceed binder on the estimate. Be sure you show the estimator everything you want to move during the walk-through. Once all the estimates are in, review them in detail. Look for the words “written binding estimate” on the documents. Toss out any bids without that guarantee. Be wary of bids that obviously too low. In the same vein, question bids that come in much higher than the others. Where are the extra costs coming from? Was there an honest mistake made?

When think you’ve made your choice of movers, ask for a copy of their company license and the insurance police they need to have to legally move you. As a final check that you’re getting the best mover available, check the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) in Ottawa to ask about any complaints against the company.

If all of that checks out, you should feel confident that you’ve made the right choice and selected the best company you could find. Call the mover, confirm the dates of the move, and make sure you get a signed copy of the contract for service and a bill of lading. When the big day comes, make a final walk-through with the foreman of the moving company and get a written copy of the mover’s inventory list. Finally, make sure they have the correct address and location where the goods are to be delivered and exchange telephone information where you both can be reached during the move. This is especially important with residential movers. Rent-a-Son are commercial moving experts in the Greater Toronto Area.

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