Main Secrets to Purchasing the Right Home for You

Lily Cottee April 7, 2015 Comments Off on Main Secrets to Purchasing the Right Home for You
Main Secrets to Purchasing the Right Home for You

Have you decided to buy your very first home now? Sit down for a while because there are some things you need to ponder on before you check out property listing websites in India if you wish to get the best home for your money.

Get Pre-Approved

If you wish to purchase the best property without having to spend a lot of money, ensure that you are great at negotiating. Price is just an element of the negotiation and does not have to be the most significant part.  Usually, other terms like the length of the escrow and strength of the buyer are essential to home sellers.


Sell your Property First before you Purchase a House

If you own a property to sell, consider selling it before you choose a home to purchase. Contingency sales are not almost as strong as the one which comes in with an able and willing buyer.  Consider this situation: You have already found the right property- now you need to make an offer to the owner of the house. You wish the seller to decrease the price of the property and wait until you have your home sold.  The seller thinks such deal is risky since he is likely to pass up a home buyer who doesn’t give him such condition as you did. So he agrees and do the contingency; however, it needs to be a full price offer. Now you need to pay more for the home than what you could have due to the contingency and you are in a hurry selling your home. The point here is that purchasing before selling is likely to cost you more money.

Go window shopping for homes if you haven’t found the right house. You will be able to determine potential locations and homes without falling in love with a certain home.


Don’t Make a Force Purchase

Your real estate agent must be able to show you all available homes which meet your requirements. Never decide on a home until you feel that you have already seen enough to choose the best property. Make sure that you check the area’s school district. You can get information from every school including the percentage of students, class sizes and others.

Don’t Call Ads

Remember that ads can be created so the phone rings. A lot of houses have drawbacks that an ad does not mention like power lines, traffic noise and community litigation. The things not mentioned in the ads are often the most important ones.

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