Make Sure You Have These Items For Your Hot Tub Or Spa In The Winter

Lily Cottee October 23, 2015 Comments Off on Make Sure You Have These Items For Your Hot Tub Or Spa In The Winter
Make Sure You Have These Items For Your Hot Tub Or Spa In The Winter

If you’ve enjoyed using your hot tub or spa throughout the summer, you may be wondering if it’s possible to do the same throughout the winter. Well many people do just that and see no reason to restrict the use to the warmer months of the year. In fact draining the hot tub or spa, unless it’s done properly can cause more harm than good when the weather is freezing, and don’t forget it will need filling and setting up again come the spring; far better to keep it up and running all year. However, we wanted to ask the experts and, as such, recently had a chat with the guys over at Aqua Spa Supplies, the UKs leading hot tub accessories retailer!

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Taking Precautions

So, what sort of precautions should you take when using your hot tub or spa in winter? Well you’ll obviously want to conserve as much of the heat as possible so make sure you have an effective cover in place. Something like the Smartop Cover would be ideal due to its efficient heat retention created by the thermal super seal gasket and zero water retention design that creates a barrier to prevent heat loss. It has a steel cable cover lock system that incorporates a combination padlock to prevent unwanted and unauthorised use of your hot tub. Each component of the Smartop Cover is replaceable meaning you’ll never need to buy another cover. What’s more, the Smartop cover is extremely strong so if it snows heavily it won’t suffer damage due to the excess weight.

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Saving Heat

As an extra heat saving measure you could also use a Spa Thermal Blanket to retain even more heat. Simply cut to size and float the blanket on the surface of the water and the 6mm pyramid foam which offers protection against mould, bacteria, mildew and fungi will not affect the water quality of your hot tub. Do not confuse this type of blanket with some of the “bubble” type blankets available which do not have the same heat saving properties.

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