Modern Metal: Great Way to Create Beautiful Backsplashes

Lara Walters March 30, 2017 Comments Off on Modern Metal: Great Way to Create Beautiful Backsplashes
Modern Metal: Great Way to Create Beautiful Backsplashes

Some people might think of metal as a harsh, dull substance that they’d never consider for home design projects, but they’re missing out because metal is now available in a wide variety of gorgeous styles that work particularly well to create beautiful backsplashes in the kitchen or bathroom.

There are some important maintenance requirements to be aware of when using metal tile, but they are rarely enough to never consider using this material. Metal tile can be more prone to dents and scratches than other substances, so it’s not ideal for covering large areas – but backsplashes rarely are subject to this kind of potential damage. It’s also important to occasionally re-seal metal tile to protect against oxidation from moisture, but this is an infrequent and easy task to do.

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But those potentially small upkeep costs of using metal tile are far outweighed by the benefit of how beautiful backsplashes can look using this material. Whether the design project is a contemporary bathroom or a homely kitchen, there’s enough variety in metal tile to achieve the desired look.

For example, in the kitchen use small rectangular metal tiles in shades of gray to create a mosaic backsplash that will catch the spills from food and drink preparation. This neutral color pairs well with a good range of colors for kitchen units and appliances –though matches particularly well with darker wooden cabinets – and projects a sleek and modern appearance.

Or use small square glass and metal tile all sized 12-inches by 12-inches and mixed with colors of black, gray, and iridescent. Using these for the backsplash creates a fun, colorful mosaic that combines the shiny look of metal and glass for something that truly stands out.

A more adventurous design is to use three-dimensional gray aluminum metal tile for the backsplash mosaic. These tiles have squares of aluminum that protrude to various different lengths for the desired 3D look, and the uniform gray coloring of the tiles projects a highly modern image that works well for a contemporary kitchen with bold colored fixtures and fittings.

Metal tile works just as well in the bathroom, and sometimes the project calls for a smaller backsplash that covers just part of the wall rather than the entire wall. One option here is to use metal tile to create a stripe covering part of the wall, with a glass and metal tile combination in shades of white, gray, and blue. This is a warm and welcoming style that looks great when used as a stripe across an all-white wall and similar light colors for the bathroom countertops.

But other homeowners will want to cover entire bathroom walls with metal tile, and one way to achieve this is to use rectangular glass and metal tile in various shades of brown to project an earthy, rustic appearance that works wonderfully with dark countertops and cabinets.
There are many more ways to use metal tile in the kitchen or bathroom, but these examples help show why people are starting to look more at metal mosaics to make beautiful backsplashes.

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