Find Out the Best Way to Protect Your Home Furnishings from Common Accidents

Milton Ferrara October 26, 2016 Comments Off on Find Out the Best Way to Protect Your Home Furnishings from Common Accidents
Find Out the Best Way to Protect Your Home Furnishings from Common Accidents

Wide range of furniture items that you collect to decorate the interior and exterior of your home are the essence of your premises. While many prefer ornamenting their drawing room, guest room or lush lawn with the most stylish new generation furnishing range, there’re people who go with the classy looking antique furniture products.

Thus, whereas every piece of furniture brings you a distinct kind of satisfaction of being their owner, they demonstrate your class, way of life and persona. Notably, living in 21st century most furniture lovers today are wise enough to think of buying furniture protection plans before bringing them into their home. As a result, furniture buying and furniture protection plans of Guardian Protection Products sell hand to hand from the counter of major furniture houses and through its dealer and retailer chain.


What is Guardian’s Furniture Protection Plan?

In brief, this is nothing but a kind of insurance that you commonly buy for your life to automobile, home and other assets. Since accidents are common in our way of life, you can never bypass the incidents such as spilling of coffee or circular blot of chilly beverage glass, unsightly stains on fabric or upholstery fixtures due to pet discharge and so on. These are all part of life, and are extremely wearisome to its owner. How mere the scratch is, when it leaves a blotch on gleaming antique furniture, you become crazy. Therefore considering the importance of protecting furniture, upholstery or lawn chairs, marble finished garden tables or davenport why not plan for registering you with your nearest Guardian Protection Product retail counter?

Hickory, NC based Guardian Protection, a subsidiary project of the Fortune 1000 Enterprise RPM international and has been focused on serving people with unbeatable solutions designed to protect complete range of furnishings. Prepared with high professionals, expert technicians and a highly motivated team of furniture dealers and retailers, the company boasts of being a global producer, marketer and solution provider for extensive range of furniture care products and protection programs. Impressed! Well, In order to experience Guardian’s premium class of furniture care services, just move to the company website, find your nearest dealer and make you registered online.


The Guardian’s Furniture Protection Coverage

Under its premium care plan the great service provider enables you to protect every expensive furniture items that include Indoor/ Outdoor furnishing, Mattress and Beddings. With this, you can attain complete care services for wooden, leather, upholstery furniture from all sorts of unintentional damages that commonly occur;

  1. Stains on furnishings caused by food, liquid and beverages spills
  2. Blotch owing to outflow of marker or ball-point pen, cosmetic like lipstick etc;
  3. Dirt marks and spot from human body / pet discharge, oil paints, grease, crayons, downpour marks on lawn chair or settee;
  4. Complete breakage/ scratch of glass, marble or mirror
  5. Rip, pierce on leather or fabric or leather upholstery fittings;

Most importantly, all kinds of furniture protection coverage offered by Guardian Protection Products are further guaranteed by the internationally famous insurance leader AIG. This offers an assurance to every customer buying Guardian’s Protection plan will get secured, comprehensive and accommodating furniture care services as per the contract. While it increases customer’s relaxation this also contributes retailers with increased business and revenues.

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