Refurbish your Kitchen with Tile Stickers

Alfred Wood February 4, 2016 Comments Off on Refurbish your Kitchen with Tile Stickers
Refurbish your Kitchen with Tile Stickers

Kitchen has been an important part of the house. It would not be wrong to suggest that people spend more time in the kitchen, second to the bedroom. The kitchen has been the most used place in the house. As a result, the area would be subjected to regular wear and tear. With regular usage of the kitchen, the walls and floor of the kitchen might require renovation after a while. However, you would be required to invest in durable kitchen renovation options. The most common option available with the people has been the kitchen tile stickers.

Self-adhesive floor tile stickers also known as peel and stick tile stickers have been simple to install. However, there have been a few things you could do to make the process much easier and successful.

Preparing Your Surface


Prior to installing the self-adhesive floor tile stickers, you must prepare the surface. You would be required to ponder on the question such as what type of floor you presently have. Do you have a carpet? If yes, you would be required to spend some additional time scraping the old glue off the floor or removing the wooden carpet strips around the edge of the room. Ensure that you spend the time thoroughly in preparing your floor. In case, you have a smooth surface, such as concrete or old tile, you could lay your new floor directly on top of it until the surface is flat and the old flooring has been securely fastened. It must be flat, clean and dry to achieve optimal results.

Marking Your Floor

Prior to laying the self-adhesive Golden Sunset floor tile stickers, find the centre point of the room. You would be required to mark your floor into a grid. In order to locate the centre of the room, measure the width of the room to mark the midpoint. Now, measure the opposite wall and mark the midpoint again. Using a chalk line, make a line on the floor going across the room from one midpoint to the other. The line should divide your room into two sections. You should repeat this process to measure the length of the room. The two lines you have drawn should cross each other in the centre of the room to create four distinct sections.

Installing the Self-Adhesive Floor Tile Stickers

Beginning from the centre of the room, you would be required to start with your first piece of peel and stick tile sticker. Prior to removing the paper backing, you should notice the arrows that point in one direction. You should lay your tiles in a manner that the arrows point in similar direction. Press the tile sticker firmly with your hands. Place the second piece of tile securely against the first tile and continue laying them until all have been laid.

Cutting and Placing the Edge Tiles

Cutting the edge of tile stickers could take some practice, but in no time, all your work would appear similar to that of a professional. You would be required to cut them in such a manner that the uncut side of the tile would fit up against the tile you have already laid on the floor. It is pertinent that you take one piece of the tile sticker at a time. Turn it upside down and use it to measure from the wall to the piece of tile that is required to fit in between. Cut the tile sticker to size and remove the backing. In case, you have to cut more than one side of a piece of tile sticker, try to keep the uncut edges as the visible sides and the sides that you have been cutting up against the corners and the wall of the room.

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