Stacked Stone: Using Ledger Panels for Beautiful Projects Large Or Small

Mary Sherlock January 17, 2017 Comments Off on Stacked Stone: Using Ledger Panels for Beautiful Projects Large Or Small
Stacked Stone: Using Ledger Panels for Beautiful Projects Large Or Small

Stacked stone ledger panels are a great way to make a lasting visual impact in a home, whether it’s a subtle wall feature in a kitchen or a more dramatic wall to dominate an outside entertaining area.

These panels are created to have a three-dimensional appearance so that when they’re stacked one of top of each other, they give a wall or other feature a natural, rustic look. The panels are produced from natural stones such as slate or marble, and they can be made in a variety of colors including white, gray, brown, gold, and black, tailored to whatever the design project requires.

Don’t worry about working with awkward spaces, because stacked stone ledger panels come in regular and corner styles, so they can be adapted to fit almost anywhere.

Slate is a great natural stone choice for ledger panels because it’s a sturdy material that also looks attractive. A good way to use slate stacked stone is with pencil-thin panels of slate on top of each other in similar shades or dark gray. This helps to give any room a mature look, in particular living rooms, where the darker paneling can match well with lighter-colored flooring.Image result for Stacked Stone: Using Ledger Panels for Beautiful Projects Large Or Small

But for some homeowners, there’s no alternative to using marble for stacked stone projects, which comes at a higher cost and greater maintenance requirements to slate or other materials. However, marble also comes with an unbeatable visual benefit compared to other stone types. And just like slate, quartzite, or other stone types, marble works well indoors and outside.

For example, marble split face stacked stone is a popular choice for use covering large walls like those found in some kitchens. Split face panels are, as the name suggests, panels whose top layer has been split open to reveal the more rugged-looking stone underneath. This makes each panel unique, and can be a visually appealing way to panel kitchen walls, or even outside areas.

Split face isn’t the only option for stacked stone ledger panels. In fact, there are some marble tiles than can be produced using multiple finishes. One choice is to combine panels that have a smooth, even finish with some split faced finished panels. This creates a look that might suggest haphazard planning, but in reality creates a one-of-a-kind wall covering that will impress anyone.

Yet another design option for ledger panels is to take a material like marble and give it a honed finish. Panels produced this way have been ground down to a flat and smooth surface, and this can remove the natural shine of marble in order to create a subtle stone covering. This is a suitable option for outside areas, using honed marble ledger panels of varying shades of white and gray in order to make a captivating focal point, such as paving around a fountain or other water feature.

Whether using slate, marble, or some other material for stacked stone, any home would be enhanced visually with these design options for both inside rooms and outside areas.

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