Top Tips on Managing Home Renovation Waste

Mary Sherlock August 7, 2015 Comments Off on Top Tips on Managing Home Renovation Waste
Top Tips on Managing Home Renovation Waste

Renovation or remodeling of a room or a kitchen or any exterior section of a house can be exciting and fun. But when the entire house is entitled for renovation the work turns out to be very tiresome. The joy of having a glistening new look to your house makes one enthusiastic for the huge task but the job of managing waste generated is often skipped unintentionally to realize later and it weighs down oneself with uneventful tasks. Here are some useful tips to follow and make the waste management task simpler.

Recycle or Reuse

A renovation project includes replacement of many old things like lightings, furniture, carpets, rugs, old windows, doors, any kitchen appliances, old worn out cabinets, and many such things. These wastes can be reused or recycled in many different efficient ways by refurbishing them. Adopting any Do-It-Yourself recycling projects can add unique items to home and save money too.


There is no act as pure as donation with love. Donation is a privilege too. The old fridge, TV or sofa that are junk for one can be a requirement for someone else. Most things can be donated instead of just dumping them. Look for NGOs or relief fund organizations that accept such second hand things and donate all the old things which are to be replaced with new ones.

Home Renovation

Plan Ahead

The keen way renovation is planned, management of waste generated should also be planned precisely right from the beginning of the project. Have a proper vision, plan and decide on which items are to be recycled or reused and which items come under waste. Also decide on the respective place for restoring these things. The construction material bought for the renovation should also be stored safely, avoiding any mismanagement and wastage. A place to dump the waste before it is hauled off should be decidedin the earlier stage to avoid more work.

Use Local Garbage Collection Service

If the waste is not of huge quantity, then self-disposal can be carried out. Another low-cost method is to seek the services of local garbage collection authority. The fee taken for providing such services is very low depending upon the size and weight of the waste.

Call a Professional Waste Management Company

For huge size and amount of waste it is always advisable to approach professional waste management companies. By briefing them about size of waste, its possible weight, and also the type of waste, they can provide various options available for hauling the waste and managing it further. Dumpster rental services offered by such professional companies help in easy disposal of waste. Dumpsters are of various types like front load dumpster, rear load dumpster, roll off dumpsters, etc. Their sizes vary from 2 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards. Roll off dumpsters come in very huge size where one can walk inside to dump the waste. These can be rented and used to dump waste and after completion of task the concerned company should be called for its pick up.

The waste can be managed efficiently by having proper planning and envisioning the entire project ahead. It’s an individual’s responsibility to see that the waste generated by his actions is managed properly without affecting Mother Nature.

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