Useful Tips on How to Keep Your Upholstery Thoroughly Clean

Lily Cottee February 16, 2016 Comments Off on Useful Tips on How to Keep Your Upholstery Thoroughly Clean
Useful Tips on How to Keep Your Upholstery Thoroughly Clean

A homeowner must be aware of the ways in which its upholstery is kept beautiful, clean and in a perfect shape. Even after being extremely careful, accidents like spilling and dropping occur which in turn create stains and spots on furniture. Besides all of this, dust and filth also play an important role in tainting furniture, especially when it comes to fabric upholstery. So, you need to ensure that your furnishings are thoroughly clean and hygienic.

Some tips are discussed in this article which will surely prove to be useful for your upholstery cleaning.

Vacuum the upholstery before cleaning it

If there are numerous spots and stains present on your upholstery or it has started to look grimy, you should vacuum it as soon as possible. It’s really vital to vacuum your upholstery before taking any kind of cleaning action. It will help you to get rid of dust and dirt and then, you can use water to clean the furniture. Otherwise, it will only turn out to be dirtier, once it becomes wet.

Use an attachment for upholstery to remove filth from crevices and cracks and clean all of your cushions meticulously. Get rid of pet hair from your furniture as much as you can, with the help of vacuum, and use a hair remover, especially for pets, if vacuum is not successful in eliminating hair.

Choose suitable upholstery cleaner


You must look for upholstery cleaner which is most suitable for cleaning. There are mainly two things which determine this, i.e., the upholstery fabric and the kind of stain or spill present on that upholstery. If we talk about upholstery fabrics, there are various kinds of fabrics used such as olefin, acetate, acrylic, wool, cotton, silk, linen, etc. Then, there is also the question of colour as different colours are used to dye different fabrics.

In case, your upholstery is extremely old and valuable, you should appoint one of the most proficient service providers like bliss upholstery cleaning horley to take care of your furniture. If you are not at all aware about how you should use upholstery cleaner, you should look at its tag and see the way it has to be applied.

Other useful tips

There are some other useful and beneficial tips which can surely help you to take care of your upholstery and keep it clean:

  • Don’t let any spill soak the insides of your furniture by blotting it with any white cloth immediately. Prevent the stain from spreading and make sure that it covers minimum area possible.
  • Keep in mind that there are different stain removers available for different kinds of spots and blemishes. If you are not able to implement your cleaning method on your upholstery, you should just contact a professional.
  • Make sure that you are sure about your choice between homemade cleaners and commercial cleaners.

Lastly, you should choose a professional who is reliable, reputable and displays high cleaning standards. That service provider must be experienced, knowledgeable and making use of best equipment out there to clean your upholstery.

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