Why People Rent A Storage Unit When Moving House

Elissa Ricks February 27, 2016 Comments Off on Why People Rent A Storage Unit When Moving House
Why People Rent A Storage Unit When Moving House

Buying a new home is one of the most exciting times in your life. It signals a new beginning. Whether you’ve bought a home in a new city or you’re staying in your North York, it’s a chance to start all over again. You’ll need to get new furniture, give the walls a fresh new colour, install new hardwood floors  but don’t get ahead of yourself! You still have to move in first. Unfortunately, that can be hardest part.

Many people don’t realize just how much stuff they own until they’ve decided to move house. It only starts to dawn on them when they have to pack it all away in boxes. With stacks upon stacks of boxes and furniture on top of it all, you might be worried that it’ll all fit in the moving truck. If you, like many people in the GTA, are downsizing in the move, it’s not just the truck you have to worry about. Your new North York home might not have enough room for it all.


Like many people, you may have accumulated plenty stuff over the course of your life. Perhaps you’ve recently inherited an antique sofa set that has no place in your home now. Maybe it needs reupholstering and other such care that’s out of your budget. You can set aside this set and any other superfluous furniture that you can’t get rid of in a self-storage unit. The same goes for seasonal clothing. Storage is a great place to keep everything that doesn’t quite fit in your new home. It eliminates clutter and is easily accessible should you need your wardrobe, furniture, or decorations.

Now, when you’re putting such valuable items like heirlooms and antiques into storage, you’ll want to make sure the unit you choose is properly protected. Take the time to compare self-storage companies to see which can provide the most security. The features that you should look out for include personal security codes that allow you 24/7 access to your stuff, round the clock video surveillance, and brightly lit properties enclosed by a secure fence.

As you investigate local storage companies, you’ll find that some will make your job of moving easier. Some, like Abacus Self Storage, offer moving supplies to make storing your extra stuff as convenient as possible. Just take a look at Abacusselfstorage.com/self-storage-north-york to see what kind of moving and packing supplies they provide. Between boxes, furniture covers, and glass packs – they’ve got you covered.

With convenient supplies and protection you can count on, storing your extra belongings can be a lot simpler than you think. So make your move to your new home a little less stressful. Join the other households in North York that are making self-storage units so popular. Keep you extra stuff in a protected unit and enjoy your new home.

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